Welcome to Cryospa Toome…

Cryospa Toome is home of the CET Cryospa, a state of the art Ice Bath Hydrotherapy Spa with 40+ jets which can reduce fatigue, speed up recovery & reduce the risk of injury.

Over the last 2 years the cryospa has been successfully used pre and post event, for injury rehabilitation, pre and post op and for general sports recovery.

With Health and fitness becoming more and more popular, people are realising that injury prevention and recovery are a key component to keeping them on the field, on the road, in the gym or wherever their fitness/sporting goals take them.

Cold Water Immersion has been proven to aid fatigue recovery post match in order to boost physical performance, to aid symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness and help prevent sports injuries.

It involves the client being partially immersed (to waist level) in cold water for 10 minutes and for some upper torso injuries immersing (to shoulder level) for 1-2 min. The water temperature can range from 1-8 degrees and contains salts and water jets to penetrate the affected area.

Looking for a product where you or your players could enjoy the same training and recovery strategies as AC Milan, Man Utd, Crystal Palace, Manchester City FC, Team GB-London 2012, German Olympic Association, Tennis pros at Wimbledon and much more?

Choose a CryoSpa ice bath, which is more effective, more convenient and cost effective.

The CryoSpa can also be used for rehabilitation purposes after injury, and helping with Chronic Pain.